A Piece of My Mind Each Day 06.28.10 Reflecting...

It's getting down to the wire. 3.5 days left working at my current employer. The mix of emotion is getting even more mixed. I have to make sure I write my last email and give my contact information to people I want to stay in touch with (which is easy because of the internet). The vibe here is a little down, a little strange, especially now that people know I am gone as of Friday. Am clearing off my desk today, and cleaning off my computer. I even forgot to bring a lunch. (I think I have some English muffins still left in the fridge.) On to the next stage of life, with it's excitement and uncertainty. But I've been through this before, and I am not half as scared this time around, even in the current economy. It might take a little while to break out of the corporate mindset I've learned here, but I am quite confident that I will do it.

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