Am in the process of Updating the website

Our website has been pretty much the same for a while now. I am going through and updating the site with new work. I should be all finished (until I get tired of it again) by next week. I will keep you all posted.

Also, it seems that I am a fulltime freelance artist at the moment, which is where I want to be, but we'll see what happens. I am really enjoying being home with my kids. They grow too fast. And Carlos just signed me up to a nearby gym...I definitely think that will help my creative energy. I worked out around 5PM today and I cannot sleep (hence I am blogging...) and it's past 1AM. Let's see how it affects my art in the coming weeks.

G'nite everyone!

<3 Naomi


Carlos is featured in an Article for Create Now!

Hey everyone, Carlos and Beenznrice have been featured in an article for Create Now! Please check it out. Here's the link:


Carlos is showing art to Ignacio:


Analog Girl in a Digital World art show!

If you didn't get the pleasure of attending, here are some pics from the show! This was the first show I have been in a number of years, and it was great. I felt really happy about the response to my work. The gallery was awesome, really good vibe put out throughout the night. Here are some highlights...

First of all, Pandesol!

Here's my wall of work...

Here's me in front of my work...


Brandon Flowers Portrait

Newest Illustration from Naomi! If you don't know who it is, it's Brandon Flowers of the Killers. And if you don't know who they are, you had better check them out! Comments are appreciated!


NYC Sketches on the Subway.

This was pretty inspirational for me---I gotta start drawing people from life again. Hopefully this will pass on the inspiration to all of you other artists out there!



La Llorona Doll sold!

My La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) doll that I created for the Living Dead Doll Art Show sold yesterday! I am very excited!



Pictures of the Day

Sorry I've been lagging on this. Here are some pictures from the Santa Barbara Mission cemetary and the pirate relief was above the church doors!


Picture of the Day!

Yes, I am going to start posting a new pic for everyday in my hopes to keep my eyes sharp and make sure I am always composing things from the amazing to the mundane. And I am going to share them with all of you!

Here is my first:


Headlines on Human Hands: Do you have unusual fingerprints?

I have really weird handlines and fingerprints. See if yours are weird to at this blog:

Headlines on Human Hands: Do you have unusual fingerprints?

It's definitely right on with the creative finger!!!



Muerta Geisha™ Artwork

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Celebration. I sure did, Carlos made the best Prime Rib I've ever had, along with plenty of fixins. We broke out the Champagne early, and our host broke open a bottle of Don Perignon. As a tribute to James Brown, we listened to the greatest hits album. Needless to say, lots of fun.

Anyway, time to start the new year off right, with plenty of artwork! I sold a painting in the first week of the New Year! My Louise Brooks Painting as shown here:

The other two original oil paintings are available for sale, one of Dolores Del Rio, the other of Clara Bow. Contact me for details.

Carlos and I have started to revamp our Beenznrice Image, mainly our logo and website. I will be posting progress on here soon of all of that. For myself personally, I keep seeing the fusion between cultures in my doodles, and decided to do a series of work dedicated to the idea. One of the first, introducing, "Geisha Muerta 1":