Ian Fleming: The Wrong One CD Artwork

We have finished a project for Ian Fleming, whose song "I Suck" has been heard numerous times on KROQ in Los Angeles. Check out his music at ianflemingmusic.com

I am particularly proud of Carlos on this piece, as it is one of his best illustrations to date in my opinion.

Levi's Buttons in stores!

Carlos is very excited! The buttons he designed for Levi's through Nexgen Packaging are now in stores! More info to come, for now enjoy his terrible pictures of excitement! We are going to the Levi's store in Camarillo to check it out!


Illustration Friday Topic: Celebration

Inspired by recently discovering that our daughter is a tween. The celebration is represented by the tween girl mentality. This is not a direct portrait of her, but is definitely inspired by some tween issues we have been dealing with lately! It is not easy being a parent, and there is always something to be learned on both sides. I'd love to hear some comments on people who can relate!