Perfection Custom Print Solutions

We are very happy to announce that we will be partnering up with Perfection Custom Printing Services in Portland Oregon. Check out their Facebook page and their website. Here is a brochure I designed for them and Robert's demonstration of their fantastic laser cutting machine!


Field Trip Day in Malibu

Today we went on a field trip for work. Carlos needed to get some inspiration for a new project at work. We had to go into Malibu. What a beautiful day for it! 

Below are some tags he designed for "All Saints" It's always cool to see work that you've only seen on your computer screen in real life, in the real world!

Cholada in Malibu on PCH. When we used to drive from Camarillo to Otis College of Art and Design (right next to LAX), we would always pass this up, on the way and coming home, and never stopped to try it. We are huge Thai food fans. Today we crossed this off our bucket list! It was awesome! Good food, beautiful view, very nice service. Rocky was even well behaved and ate his food. #WIN

Daddy and son. :)

Our view. Cool right?

All in all a beautiful day. Hope he gets to have another field trip day from work soon!


Carlos has a new Facebook Page up dedicated just to his Epic style of Illustration. Here are a couple of sneak peaks for a current project! Enjoy! And LIKE his page here: https://www.facebook.com/EpicIllustration


Fairy and mermaid sketches

I've started sketching fantasy again. I need fantasy in my life and my guess is I'm not the only one. My concepts came from watching the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack with the kids. There have got to be a lot of human bones at the bottom of the sea right? Remember that seen in Disney's The Little Mermaid in Ariel's grotto with all the human stuff? Where were the human bones? My mermaid concept is that mercreatures use human bones and skulls for all kinds of things in their world like building material, jewelry, furniture, you get the picture. 

That got me thinking about fairies. Fairies are really outdoor creatures so wouldn't they be more tough, even warrior like? They would use bits of bones, wood, rock and feathers for their needs. Not to mention clay and mud to help with the glare of the sun and sunscreen! 


Designing with a breast feeding toddler

As some of you know I breast feed. My son is almost 2 years old and is the clingiest of all 3 kids. I work from home. This can be very frustrating. It's hard to get work done and to focus sometimes! But I need to remember its a blessing to be able to do what I do. It's worth the difficulties. I've never been afraid of hard work. But I'd love it if I could just get some sleep sometimes! 

But just look at that face!


Happy Birthday Carlos!

Here's Carlos enjoying is birthday dinner of homemade Camarones a la diabla, by request, rice and beans. Oh hey! BEENZNRICE!

More of the dinner party:

 And of course a picture of the dinner plates. Everything was DELICIOUS!


Purple Pin-up: New graphical style from Naomi

Here is my pin-up illustration for a weekly artist contest! I didn't win, but I really love the direction I'm going here! Expect to see more in this style soon!


Deadline Tattoo Flyer Design

Created this for an amazing tattoo artist, Josh Simpson. If you're in the 805 and looking for someone good, I highly recommend!