Illustration Friday Topic: Primitive

So I didn't actually get to finish the illustration, but I loved the topic because I had been reading about the controversial anthropologist Margaret Mead and her studies in the early 20th century about "primitive" cultures, her first being Samoa. There is a lot of controversy now about how true her findings were, but either way, an interesting read. I wanted to show the beauty of a primitive culture with my illustration. I WILL be finishing this one and posting it up later, so please keep checking my blog for progress!



Illustration Friday Topic: Fail

This is my third entry for Illustration Friday. I call it Heart Fail. Enjoy.



Hot Fuzz Simon Pegg Portrait

Ah, Simon Pegg. My newest celebrity crush. So I had to do a portrait of him in one of my favorite movies, Hot Fuzz (I literally watch that at least every other day). Anyway, I created this portrait in a different style than usual, using Photoshop, but a bit more messy and intuitive, I kind of like how it turned out! Leave comments, por favor.



Geisha Muerta Art on MTV's The Real World Hollywood!

Some of you may remember my post displaying my Geisha Muerta pieces (1-5) from a show I had in Downtown LA. Well, 3 of those pieces were selected to be in the house for the 2008 series of The Real World Hollywood. I am very excited and was even more excited when I saw the pictures last night! They got really good shots of my work! Here is the link to the rest of the house: THE REAL WORLD HOLLYWOOD HOUSE GALLERY


Arroyo Vista Optometry Grand Opening!

Yes! Our good friend Dr. Decuir has opened up his own office and we got to do all the identity graphics for him! His grand opening was this past Saturday, and I was very impressed with the office and the selection. I was so excited about all the different places the logo we created for him could be found! Here are some images from Saturday!