A Piece of My Mind 07.22.2010: What a Day!!

Good day today. Lots of things done, and I worked out early, but by 3PM I was pooped! Took a half hour nap and was renewed. It's amazing what a little cat nap can do. Spent part of my day being happy housewife and the other half being a serious graphic designer. And 100% of my day was spent being mom. That's it, short post today. Still got things to finish up tonight.


A Piece of My Mind 07.21.2010: What a Day!!

I just discovered how out of shape I am right now. The blessing and curse is that I never look unhealthy even when I am. Because I didn't like the way that felt, I am on a mission. I am pissed! And it's going to be great. I want to be able to outrun a zombie, and look good doing it.

Aside from that, I learned something new in the kitchen today. Apparently hot glass and cold wet potholder do not mix. The glass bakeware I had sweet potatoes baking in completely cracked and broke in my hands. Carlos is the one who gave me the answer to that mystery.

CJ was completely hot and cold today, speaking of hot and cold, but I don't blame him. He had a hard day and was just frustrated with everything. He kept dropping things, tripping over things, and we missed the ice cream truck twice. Poor thing. He had a couple of meltdowns today, which is not like him at all.

I'm glad today is close to being over. I still have so much to do. But it is really nice having Carlos home. Not that I need him here to get work done, and as much as the background noise of videogames can be distracting and sometimes annoying, depending on the game, I just "like having him around, he's a laugh!" (from Shaun of the Dead). Yeah that's right. Two zombie references in one post.

Good night folks.


A Piece of My Mind 07.18.2010: Crazy week, over!

I had a crazy week full of ups and downs and lots of driving! But it was more fun than not. I'm glad it's over and I can focus on being at home. Today's main plan is to clean up the studio. It's kind of in shambles after a craft kamikaze session before the Camarillo Fiesta Days. Carlos can't even work out in there. It's going to be a hot day in there today!

Here are some more photos from the Fiesta Days.

We also took the kiddos to the National History Museum in Los Angeles this past week. I got a lot of inspiration there. I'll post some pics from that trip very soon.


A Piece of My Mind 07.13.2010: Good morning!

Good morning Beenznrice readers. Working from home again, writing web articles and doing a bit of graphic design. Hopefully I can finish taking pictures of the stuff leftover from the Fiesta Days to put on etsy. I will let you all know once that's done.


A Piece of My Mind 07.08.2010: 1 Day Left to work on Fiesta stuff!

I've been in a mad tizzy working on stuff for the Fiesta Days while still getting used to the rhythm of being at home with the kiddos. It's fun, but it's a little harder to work than thought. The kids are being good, but they still demand quite a bit of attention. I'm catching up on cleaning and laundry. I'll post more pics when I can, hopefully tomorrow morning. If you're able to go to the Fiesta Days on Saturday or Sunday, let me know!



A Piece of My Mind: First Day

Yesterday was my last day at my day job. Above is the pic I posted in my goodbye email. It was harder than I thought it would be, and I'm glad I made it through the day without crying.

Today was the first day of my new life, outside of a corporate environment. It has been a glorious, gorgeous Southern California summer day! Getting caught up on laundry, cleaning, articles and sorting out my thoughts! The kids have been great, even though I made them clean for the majority of the day. Progress on projects-will post pics another day. I'm pooped. :)


A Piece of My Mind Each Day 07.01.10 Mystery Project

Here's a pic of a new project I started. I'm not going to say what it is. Any guesses?