Sketching Tonight with No Expectations

It's been a long time since I've done this. Just watching TV and sketching, just for fun, whatever pops into my head, like I used to do when I was a kid. Watching my guilty pleasure Awkward. and drawing fairies and whatever else. Slight buzz from a Guinness and some sugary desserts (don't worry I'm still eating well, exercising and losing weight).


Illustration Friday Interview: Christopher Silas Neal

I just love these artist interviews by Illustration Friday. This time it's Christopher Silas Neal. Enjoy and be inspired!


Beenznrice Art Used in a Shrine!

Check it out! This is an image from one of the many Digital Collage Sheets on our Beenznrice store. Catrinacreations used it for her shop and it sold! Here's the link to her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/catrinacreations?ref=seller_info

If you used a digital collage sheet from our shop for one of your craft or art projects, please send them to me! I'll blog it!

Museum of Ventura County visit today

Recap of last weekend. Got to visit my sister and her lovely family. My little baby niece Rayah had a rough start in this world with necessary but successful heart surgery in her first week of living. She's a tough cookie! She's 5 months now and looks like a normal. healthy, chunkster baby!

Well, I finally got to weigh myself at their house. I expected to be around the same weight I was when I last weighed myself. To my amazement, I was 20 lbs less than that, which makes me 1 lb less than I was when I first found out I was pregnant. Instead of 50 lbs, all I need to lose is about 25-30! I have another vacation coming up soon so this week I'm going to Tae Bo it up! Along with pilates, yoga, power walking and overall healthy eating. One thing I have had a little bit too much of this week are cookies. But that's only because my dad visited from Japan and I hadn't seen him in 2 years. So I celebrated his visit by getting us cookies. He returned the favor and brought us cookies. We were all cookie monsters last week, but this week, I'm getting serious! No more cookies for a while! :D

Now on to today-a pretty nice Sunday. Started it with coffee and illustration work. Went to Tony's NY Pizza for lunch. Then, despite the Ventura County Fair going on, we fought less than expected traffic to get to the Museum of Ventura County to pick up some shadow boxes for a top secret art show coming soon. Carlos and I each got one-it's going to be fun! More on that later...

Here are some photos from our little outing today:


Mall Power Strolling

So Tae Bo just wasn't in the books today. Had 2 friends stop by the house unexpectedly, but it was cool. I got a power walk at the mall in this morning at the Pacific View Mall in Ventura. It was nice and fast and since they don't put the AC on until 10AM, by the time I left there, I was a sweaty mess! I started my day with Chai tea and an english muffin with some Laughin Cow cheese. For lunch I had a small egg and soyrizo scramble with half an avocado. Dinner was a killer "Chopped" episode in a crock pot! A random yet very good lentil chicken stew with some anaheim peppers our neighbors gave us, rosemary from our garden, half an onion I had leftover and a little portion of leftover squash. Seasoned it up and cut up a little bit of butter to melt in it as it cooked. Wow it was good! A small garlic bread piece and topped it off with a sprinkle of cheese. Just ate a Chobani yogurt with blueberries to quell my noisy stomach. Going to bed with just a tinge of hunger. Tae bo and yoga are definitely in the plan for tomorrow! I'm already seeing results just from one day-Believe it or not!

As for art, I got some really good progress for this painting. It's totally different than anything I've done before, but I'm liking it more and more. I think this is the time in my life when I'm supposed to go a little abstract. So I'm not thinking about it, I'm just going with it. What do you think of it so far?