Picture of the Day


Picture of the Day!

Yes, I am going to start posting a new pic for everyday in my hopes to keep my eyes sharp and make sure I am always composing things from the amazing to the mundane. And I am going to share them with all of you!

Here is my first:


Headlines on Human Hands: Do you have unusual fingerprints?

I have really weird handlines and fingerprints. See if yours are weird to at this blog:

Headlines on Human Hands: Do you have unusual fingerprints?

It's definitely right on with the creative finger!!!



Muerta Geisha™ Artwork

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Celebration. I sure did, Carlos made the best Prime Rib I've ever had, along with plenty of fixins. We broke out the Champagne early, and our host broke open a bottle of Don Perignon. As a tribute to James Brown, we listened to the greatest hits album. Needless to say, lots of fun.

Anyway, time to start the new year off right, with plenty of artwork! I sold a painting in the first week of the New Year! My Louise Brooks Painting as shown here:

The other two original oil paintings are available for sale, one of Dolores Del Rio, the other of Clara Bow. Contact me for details.

Carlos and I have started to revamp our Beenznrice Image, mainly our logo and website. I will be posting progress on here soon of all of that. For myself personally, I keep seeing the fusion between cultures in my doodles, and decided to do a series of work dedicated to the idea. One of the first, introducing, "Geisha Muerta 1":