More goodness from Crafty Chica®!!

Wanted to share this with our readers. Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica fame posted this up on Facebook this morning. These are some of the most unique craft/art ideas I've seen. It's totally customizable. Make whatever saint or guardian you like, to your needs.

I've had an idea of creating something like this, but more like Japanese dolls, out of polymer clay or some other material. Seeing this today reminded me, and totally inspired me to follow up with my idea. More on that later...

Here's the description on her site:

"Crafty Chica® Decorate Your Own Empowerment Guardian™

Empowerment Guardians are just the beginning of a wonderful creation – the final result is up to you and your powerful imagination. So embellish at will, and think majestic and inspirational thoughts. Paint her, dip her in glitter, decoupage her with fabric or paper, glue on flowers or cover her in crystals. The possibilities are endless!"

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