Halloween Pumpkin Painting, Night 1

CJ's pumpkin...

My Dia de los Muertos Skull Pumpkin...

CJ painting...

Alyssa and Carlos's turn tonight!


Illustration Friday Topic: Spent

My shrine based on gambling and religion and their connection. That's all I'll say about that.


Illustration Friday Topic: Racing

Here is a vector illustration I did for a T-shirt. I think I may get more T-shirts printed with this design...

Illustration Friday Topic: Racing

Another oldie for today's topic. This is from Carlos and was one of his first Photoshop projects. Not bad for a first Photoshop effort eh?


Papel Geekado Wall Skins!

I created these 5 designs after being inspired by traditional Mexican Papel Picados. Papel Picados are created to celebrate different occasions, especially Dia de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead. Mixed with modern day concepts, they create a new geek chic aesthetic for any room! For more info go to the Pi Design website here: http://www.pistudioprint.com/products-page/designer-geek-prints/


Little Red Riding Hood by Annie Rodrigue

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Annie Rodrigue

I am starting on three pieces to show at Rare Blends at the Camarillo Library. The pieces are going to be of Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, and Hansel and Gretel. I googled Little Red Riding Hood for some morning inspiration with my coffee, and this piece stood out right away. On to search for more inspiration. I will show some progress as it comes. I do not want to rush these. I've been wanting to do pieces using children's classic fairy tales as the theme, and I want to make sure I do a great job with these.



Illustration Friday Topic: Spooky

Here's an old piece from Carlos. This was part of his Senior Thesis at Otis College of Art and Design. It's an illustration of the trenches from WWI. Spooky indeed.

Studio 6 Grand Opening Show

The Grand Opening show went great at Studio 6! Most of the work is still up. If you are interested, it is in Downtown Ventura on Main St. in Zander Mall. Above is one of my shrines.

Above is work by Roberto Zendejas. He was such a nice person and extremely positive and inspirational. Hope to see what he does next! More of my work below...

Above and below were other artists' work...

Yes those are Pacman necklaces! Those were probably CJ's favorite. He started building them with his legos when he got home.

My faithful "Blue Lady" painting...


Blasts from the Past!

This Dia De Los Muertos Painting is up at Studio 6 Gallery in Ventura, CA.

My La Llorona Doll was on exhibit in New York for Mezco Toys' Living Dead Doll exhibit featuring many artists.

Portrait of a very talented jewelry designer Lorrie Mae of Dying Breed Designs.

Storybook illustration inspired by real life events.

Carlos's artwork of a robot monster.

Carlos's famed Hell Fish!

My Geisha Muertas. Three of these were featured on MTV's The Real World Hollywood, in the Asian inspired room.

My artwork is currently on display at Studio 6 in Ventura, CA. Grand Opening is this Saturday Oct 16!


If you were given a chance to go on a vacation just you and Carlos and money was not an option, where would you go and what would you do?

have Greek food in Greece and just hang out on the beaches all freaking day.

Ask me anything

Run 6 miles on flat terrain or hike 5 miles uphill on a trail called "The Beast?"

i'd rather hike than run any day. then again, can i take a look at what the Beast looks like?

Ask me anything

My First Vector Papel Picado Design!

Created fully in Illustrator. I'm probably going to make a million of these now! I really LOVE the way this turned out! Love the fact that I can have this design in any color I want. What do you think?

My Inspiration Candle Made it on a Treasury!

The Beatles have always been on of my most favorite bands. My John Lennon Inspiration Prayer Candle chosen to be in a Beatles Treasury is a total honor. Check out all the other great items and etsy sellers in this list!


Working with T-shirt Design Elements

After experimenting with Vector Elements to create some T-shirt designs, I really wanted to start creating my own vector elements to use when I need to. The sketches above are what I'll be working with tonight. Below are my experiments with existing vector elements. I'll post my progress later tonight...