Golden Girl shirts printed!

Yes that's right! We got them printed (and my a very talented local screenprinter btw...just contact me if you want her info). Carlos (and a pack of fight fans) will be wearing them tomorrow at the Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga fight tomorrow at the Home Depot Center! More pics of that coming, but here are some of the shirts in a row and one of Carlos in the middle of them. That last one is a little creepy-but he's just excited.


Dia de los Muertos Painting Preview...

This is just a teaser! I won't post any more pictures until the gallery opening, Oct. 10 at Under the Sun Gallery in Ventura, CA. The pictures are from my cameraphone, so they are not the clearest in the world. All the more intriguing I suppose! Enjoy!


Illustration Friday Topic: Memories

A piece I did of my daughter. Inspired by memories of a past life of mine. Enjoy!