Belectables Tasting Event

This is a wonderful client of mine and I got the fun task of designing her logo for her company "Belectables." You can see the logo around the cupcakes. These look so tasty!


Carlos's Saturday Art Nite Sketches

Here are Carlos's sketches. We did the same scenes. It's kind of interesting to look at each others' work and see the differences next to each other. Enjoy!


Saturday Art Night Studies

So Saturday, we decided to have an art night. We did some exercises that we used to do while we were in school. The movie we drew from was "Kick-Ass" which is totally, well, kick ass! It was myself, Carlos and Travis. The first time I'd used Prisma Color markers in probably years. Here are my studies from art night. I'll post Carlos's tomorrow. Enjoy!


Shout Out to the Crafty Chica

So this is the first thing I saw on Facebook this morning. I think this is absolutely beautiful! This is the work of Kathy Cano-Murillo, aka the Crafty Chica! Can't wait to see the whole thing! Here's the link to her sneak peak: http://thecraftychica.blogspot.com/2010/09/sneak-peek-of-my-ceramic-project.html


Ipromptu Trip to Burger King

So yesterday, I felt like taking CJ to Burger King. It was too cold to take him to the park, which we usually do since he and his sister have an hour apart between pick up from school times. So we went. I needed a coffee and I see that they now serve Seattle's Best. I'm not crazy about their new logo, but I did enjoy the artwork on the coffee cups! It made my coffee experience that much better.


Alyssa's 13th Birthday Cake

I wanted to share the cake my son and I made for my daughter today. She turned the big 1-3. Yep, I can't believe it either. This year so far has been full of ups and downs and lots of discovery and maturing for her. I'm so proud of her, and can't wait to see how she does as a full fledged teenager. :D

Starting on 2 new illustrations...

I saw something this morning after dropping Carlos off to work-pulled up to my driveway to see a BUNCH of crows, along my driveway, in my patio, on my wall. I looked around and there were no other crows anywhere in the neighborhood. Being slightly superstitious, it was an ominous sight. Did not like it. Hopefully there was a mouse or something that was in my yard they were after.

Anyhow, that experience inspired me to do an illustration. I haven't been working on full illustrations and I need to discover my illustration style and feel comfortable in it.
I haven't finished a full illustration in Illustrator they way I'd love to be able to, so I am working on that now. Just wanted to share...will post more progress later.

This lemon girl illustration I think I will do in Photoshop...but I may change my mind and try to finish that in Illustrator as well. More later...


Scanner is Hooked Up!

Carlos got the scanner hooked up for me late last night, so there will much catching up to do as far as scanning in my drawings. There will also be more drawings from me, now knowing that my scanner works and is usable! Here is the first for today. Some sketches of my kids. Alyssa is great at holding still for sketches, she always has been since she was little. CJ on the other hand, he gets a little self conscious, and he's a full blooded boy, which means he has a constant case of the wiggles, and just can't sit still for more than half a minute. Enjoy!



Got my postcards in the mail!

Am making a list of people to send them to! Let me know if you want one!

Illustration Friday Topic: Dessert

One of my favorite subjects! And I had just finished this little illustration of a rebel cupcake. Enjoy!


A Perfect Day in the 805 Today

This was the view from the parking lot at the Camarillo Library. Gorgeous, right? I was filled with the beauty of today, and was ready to work at the library on some article writing. Little did I know I was going to sit next to a pervert upstairs looking up porn and messaging way younger girls. Ugh. And there were kids upstairs and could have easily been exposed to these pornographic images. I was disgusted and had to leave.

Aside from that, had a lovely day. lolz I will have an art post tomorrow. I hope to go to First Fridays in Ventura and take pics of art, but we'll see.


CLS Photography Holiday Special

Today was the kids' first day of school and I am zonked. So, I'm putting a little shout out for my talented photographer friend, Christine Lee Smith. I've known her since the 7th grade and she has always been a wonderful person. She took the photos of a few of my paintings and did a great job. I especially love the photo of the papel picado above! But her specialty is wedding photos and capturing the happiness of people. She is running a special for holiday photography and it's a darn good one! Here's the link to her blog: http://blog.clsphotography.com/ And the special is below:

"It's getting to be that time of year already, when the thought of Christmas cards sneak into your mind when you're not paying attention. Well, never fear! We've got you covered. This month we're offering a special price on our mini-portrait sessions, perfect for capturing you or your family for the annual Christmas letter or card."

Fall & Holiday Portrait Mini-Sessions are Here!

Our mini-portrait sessions are a great way to make your annual Christmas letter or holiday card a beautiful guaranteed hit, sure to stay on everyone's refrigerator for a long time!

We're offering sessions Saturday, September 18 from 4pm-7pm in Long Beach. Contact us today for more details, and to reserve your session time.

Sessions are $95 and include high-resolution files and an online proofing gallery, so you can make your own prints, or purchase professional prints from us.

Pass it on: http://mim.io/90285