30 minutes of Cardio: Tae Bo Style

So I really got the ball rolling today. Started my day with a small breakfast and coffee. Then my kids informed me that there was no toilet paper to speak of in the house. I pack up the baby and do a stroller power walk to the store to buy some. I work up a sweat before 8AM and decide, this is going to be a good day!

I convinced my 7 year old son to do Tae Bo with me. We both worked up a sweat and he got tired somewhere in the middle, but it was fun. When I asked him, same time tomorrow? He said, "Sure, the same dvd, okay?" Okay son, you got it!

I didn't get to do full yoga workout like I had wanted, but I will do a few yoga stretches before bed. As for the art...I promised myself I'd do something artistic today. I've been busy editing blogs and articles and working with social media...and I have less than half an hour. I think I'll put some inspiration images together to create inspiration boards tomorrow. We'll see how things go.

Ate very well today. My cravings for sugar are getting less urgent (but they're still there). More progress tomorrow. Good night all!

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