Post Baby Workout Blog

Yep, it's time. After baby #2, I need to regularly workout. He was 10 lbs and 11 oz at birth, so I gained A LOT. I had a C section, obviously...and that kept me from doing anything really strenuous for longer than I had imagined. That baby is now almost 10 months old, and I have lost a lot of weight, but I need to finally reach a weight loss goal that is healthy and that I am happy with. A recent trip to H&M reminded me how much fun it can be (and inexpensive) to really buy the things I like and have them fit the way I like them to. It's been a long time.

That being said, I am fighting a really terrible cold this weekend. Once that's done, I'm done being chubby. Time for major working out, no excuses. I need to get a new battery for my scale to keep track. I need to find myself again. This blog will be active with physical progress as well as art progress, which also has been in the background because of life and children, as they had to be at the time. Time to step it up and focus on me for a bit. I deserve to be a little bit selfish for once, it's been years since I've been!

And no, MY goal is not to become a cloud. :D

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