Art Tour, Original Fakes and Hoaxes

So the first stop to the art tour went relatively well. I think the best part about it is that we are now able to gage ourselves realistically and to try harder next time. I will post sketches from Saturday tonight. We both felt a bit rusty, and the artwork definitely shows it, but we can only go up from here, and it really wasn't a bad first stop. With focusing a good amount of time every weekend at the very least, I am quite confident that the level of skill and creativity will indeed go up in quality as well as in quantity. I am VERY excited about that!

How did a very famous and successful Indian artist feel when he discovered that many of his paintings being unveiled for a new show were fakes? Pretty darn peeved. So peeved that he made them shut it down. How did this happen? Apparently, the fakes were from family members and fake paintings of originals are quite common. Read more about this craziness HERE.

For a whole website of FAMOUS HOAXES, click HERE. There are amazing hoaxes, and quite entertaining ones from 0-1700 and beyond. I am probably going to take at least the whole week and go through all of them. I love the Cottingley Fairy hoax and many of Benjamin Franklin's literary hoax satires. Enjoy!


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