Art Resolutions

I have plenty of personal New Years' Resolutions on my separate livejournal blog HERE at nvaldivia.livejournal.com but for Beenznrice and our New Years' Art Resolutions, here are the beginnings of them, as I like to allow my resolutions to evolve---positively not negatively! try to have no backslidin' here!!!

We are starting an "art school" structure at home, and will be giving ourselves "assignments/homework" full with deadlines and critiques. I will post weekly schedules here if you'd like to follow along. I'll also be posting good work that comes from this and anything that we're proud of here!

Everyday I will be doing at least 1 thing to move our business forward. For the last few nights, I have been addressing all those postcards that I ordered a long time ago to send to potential clients. Another thing I really need to do that falls in this category is create a postcard that I can send to potential clients every 6 months. I need to be consistent and make people remember BEENZNRICE!

I personally am going to start bringing a sketch book with me EVERYWHERE I go and sketching at least one thing per different place I am at during the day. We'll see if I can motivate Carlos to do the same.

Mixing art time with family time. Because our kids are also inherent artists, it will be easy and a great way to bond with them. Plus, they'll be way ahead of everybody in their art classes in the future!

So far those are the main resolutions. I have plenty of goals as well, but I will post those later...


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