OK-like I said earlier about our first stop, good gage for where we are right now, and where we need to go. Here's what we came up with. We'll start with Carlos. He was definitely looking for quality and not quantity. He worked on a tree in Dizdar Park, in Camarillo.

Below is the actual texture of the tree, which we'll use for reference at some point. It was very hard and rough-not something I'd like to fall into!Now onto my sketches. These were done very quickly, in between buying fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market.

The singer, who was very good btw. He was singing a lot of Johnny Cash, and well, and I liked him a lot.
Some weird onion squash type vegetables that I thought looked interesting...These buckets were next too some delicious apples that we bought. I wish I had these at home. they were very iconic of the market to me.

We took my son to get a haircut at Hank's Barber Shop. He loves getting his hair cut, so he sat still like a perfect angel, falling asleep.
More haircut sketches. Carlos got his haircut at the same time, though I made him look a little weird. It's been a while since I did any drawings of him so cut me some slack!

Next ones are my sketches from Dizdar Park. Below is a sketch I did of St. Mary Magdalene's. This chapel belonged to the original Camarillo Family who used to own this land. This is my favorite sketch from Saturday. This was my view from the picnic table at Dizdar Park.

And I had to draw that same tree that Carlos was drawing, from a distance, and he's the little red smudge at the bottom left.

Some photos:

This just looked very Americana to me, with the mountains, the flag, and the vintage worn Liquor sign. This was across the street from Dizdar Park.

That's it for the first stop! Please stay tuned for next week! We'll be in Downtown LA for the Margarito vs Moseley Fight. Not sure how much time we'll actually have to sketch, but I am bringing my sketch book, and we will probably hit a bar before the fight. And there are always interesting things to draw in Downtown Los Angeles.


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