World Vision

So, I decided to sponsor a child through World Vision a couple of weeks ago. I had been frustrated with my kids getting a little whiny over petty stuff, and I thought, why don't we help someone in need while also giving them a little education on how other kids live in other parts of the world. That was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my 7 years of being a mom. Last night we watched the DVD that was sent to us to educate us on the parts of the world that World Vision is helping, and it also showed us how to write letters and send small gifts to our sponsored child. My son really felt compassionate toward the babies he saw that were in dusty and sub standard environments. He kept saying, "Poor baby!" With a sad look and then would hug me as if he understood how much he had. The biggest impact was on my daughter, who just watched silently, barely blinking, taking it all in. She is excited to write to our sponsored child, who lives in Ethiopa, right away. I think I will take them shopping to buy some gifts for our first package to him. And before bedtime, as I was tucking them in, she said she had something to pray about (and she hardly ever prays unless in church-I don't force her to). She prayed for all the families and kids around the world, and she prayed about the AIDS epidemic (in the DVD it really showed how that is effecting kids in other countries) and that we could help people get enough food and clean water to live a healthy life. My eyes were teary upon hearing it, and I am so grateful to have good kids, and grateful to my sponsored child, who we haven't even written to yet or heard from, for showing my kids how blessed they are and that it is necessary to give to others when in a position to.

For any parents out there, I really recommend doing this. For more info go to:


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