Ventura County Star and Enchanted Web Designs

So this morning, a photographer from the Ventura County Star came to my studio to take pictures of me and my Geisha Muerta pictures for an article. I was so nervous, but it turned out really well. Keep your eyes peeled for more on that-I'll be buying a few copies for myself! lol

Also, I hadn't put this up when I got it, but I am the illustrator for Enchanted Web Designs, a really great web designer specializing in feminine and girly sites. Her prices are extremely reasonable, even WITH custom illustrations done by yours truly, and includes en ebay template and store front, and all kinds of other extras that other web companies charge for.

Here is my page on her site: http://www.enchanting-webdesigns.com/catalog.php?category=7

She's a great person as well, which also makes it nice!

Have a great Sunday!

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