A Piece of My Mind Each Day. 01-11-10

I woke up this morning with pains in my back and neck. I have been stressed more than usual lately, so in pain (even after taking a few ibuprofin) I sketched my imagined captors, the "stress fairies." These beings have tools to pick, push and pull in the neck area until you are in pain and can no longer move. At night, they put on heavy, steel toe boots, and dance on the stressed victim's back. They stomp and kick all night until the break of dawn. At least, that's what it feels like.
I did a quick sketch of my view from a path I walk at lunch and on some breaks, but obviously, it did not come out as well as usual. Such is the day. I wrote down "Organized are my thoughts-so is my capability to sketch properly." Today, being not such an organized day in my mind. But it's still a piece of it!

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