A Piece of My Mind Each Day. 01-06-10

Inspired by Amanda Blake and etsy, I've decided to do something "a day." Amanda is a very talented artist who is creating a drawing a day. I had a little trouble deciding what I'd want to do everyday, and what I am actually capable of finishing every day at this point in my life. Finally, I've come up with "A Piece of My Mind Each Day." Since my mind's a little chaotic and all over the place, yet still pretty focused, I think this commitment to a daily post will be good insight to what's goin on in my noggin. This will entail a drawing, or sketch, painting, collage, or if nothing new is going on in my head, progress on a current piece. As long as there's something art related I'm doing every day, I will have reached my goal. Today, I'm posting vector icons of mer-kittens I did for a friend. These were fun to do, too!


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