Art Tour Stop 3: Leo Carillo and Explosions in the Sky

So some work from Leo Carillo will be coming soon, they are quick oil sketches, so I have to wait until they are dry enough to scan (don't want to ruin my scanner). Here are a couple of shots from Explosions in the Sky. Very low quality shots from my phone, but there was something about the abstract effect of the lighting along with the music that was very cool to me. So I thought I'd share.


15 Things a Designer Should Never Say on Artbistro

"ArtBistro asked several career designers: what should a designer never say?" They give some truly great advice. Many of the things a Designer should never say, we have already been guilty of. So I'm posting this article, which can save a lot of our fellow designers, especially if you're just starting out, some heartache (and headache)!


Illustration Friday Topic: Worn

Another oldie but goodie. This was from a submit to do a graphic novel, which we didn't get, but the pieces Carlos did for it were great. Here's our Illustration Friday submission for the topic: Worn.

Artwork inspired by the music of The Killers...

So I know I had entitled another post "Soul and Romance" but was on the fence about naming it that. Well, here's my latest work in progress, and this one will be called "Soul and Romance" (referencing lyrics in "Human") and I will have to name the other piece something else. The last one was inspired mostly by "Human" and "I Can't Stay." I will be posting my progress on this, as I add color, which I'm not completely sure about yet, as far as color palettes go. I've also started a piece while listening to "While You Were Young" after watching part of "There Will Be Blood" which I will post once I'm done with the drawing phase.

Critiques, comments, feedback are all appreciated!


3rd Stop on the Art Tour: Leo Carillo in Malibu

Do you remember the beach scenes in The Karate Kid? Well, that's where it was filmed. So was the beginning scene of Grease, and some scenes of Point Break. It's awesome there. There lots of sea critters on the rocks when it's low tide. There's even a cave you can crawl into when it's low tide and all the water is out of it. It's a beautiful place. And it's Carlos' family reunion.

I am definitely bringing my sketchbook and some good pencils and pens. I am considering bringing my oil paints and just painting right in my sketchbook. We'll see. I pack tonight, so whatever I feel like lugging along will be what I bring.

We are also going to take a break from "roughing it" (I didn't mention we're camping at the state park there, also beautiful. and hot!! yay tans) to go to the Hollywood Palladium to see Explosions in the Sky! We've been wanting to see them for a while now! So we get to be inspired by their music and then go back the next day to nature and the beach. Oh, I will be getting some artwork done that's for sure. I will scan and post next week. Everyone enjoy your weekends!


My 100th Post! New Progress on my painting-Almost done!

So I need to work out her eyes still, they look crossed, and her nose and mouth. Other than that, I'm loving the limited color palette (which was a happy accident of having an old yellow that was hardened over).

Comments? <3 Naomi


Illustration Friday Topic: Craving

Hi Everyone! Here we have an oldie but a goodie! This is an illustration Carlos did in school, when we were first learning how to paint with Photoshop. I thought it would be suitable for "Craving" because the characters seem to be craving a bit of danger with their ice cream!


More work on the painting...

I am really happy with how it's turning out! The colors are coming together, and it's building up the same look I had in mind when I created the drawing. More progress later...



Art Tour Stop: The Getty Villa

So the Getty Villa was wonderful! The kids had a blast, which is part of the reason I didn't get to do any sketching or even take many pictures (I have to get most of them developed-yes developed, my digital camera is broken). But here's me and Carlos in the amphitheatre section there after lunch. As soon as I get more pics, and scan some images from the Getty Villa, I will write a more in depth blog about it.