I actually started painting yesterday!

For anyone out there who follows me on facebook, you could probably tell that I was frustrated. I felt like I was in a destructive art mood, but then as soon as I put the kids to bed and had a 30 minute window (with breaks in between telling them to get back to bed) I busted out a half broken easel, dusted it off, and decided that I would use it until it completely collapsed. I put on some music I bought myself Saturday for my birthday present to myself, Camera Obscura, My Maudlin Career, and started painting over a horrid painting I had started probably more than a year ago. It always feels liberating to destroy something you've done before. I also had a drawing I did during the day when I was frustrated, so I started just to paint, based on the drawing (I'll post the drawing later). This was the result. I'm not finished, not by far, but it felt really good to just paint again, and not worry about the consequences or about making money by the action. I'll post more progress as I go along.


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