Art Tour: The Getty Villa

So the art tour has been on hold for a while, but it's back for the summer! The first confirmed stop is May 23 at the Getty Villa. I've always wanted to go there since I was a kid seeing the commercials on TV, but never got a chance. I've been to the Getty Center a few times, but I keep hearing that the Getty Villa is more beautiful and breathtaking. I can't wait. I really would like to see if they have a book that I helped with the design of at the book store there, too.

Some pending dates...
-Tomorrow, May 9 at the Ventura Pier. We are definitely going for my birthday, but I don't want to be too focused on anything, just a good birthday and family trip. But, if I get inspired, I may get some art out

-May 15 at the Camarillo Boys and Girls club They are having the FIRST LEGO League Expo. Our daughter designed the shirts of one of the teams!

-Sometime in May, Circus Vargas has come to town. The Circus is always a great Visual inspiration.

-Late June, Carlos' family reunion at Leo Carrillo State Park and Beach in Malibu. Lots of sketching to be done there.

That's it for now, but there will be more!


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