Big changes for Beenznrice are underway!

The Beenznrice Household is getting organized! With the elections over and the big changes happening, we've also decided to start some big changes with some big projects of our own! Yes, this means plenty will be going up on ebay, which I will post a link to later. I've been going through both of our computers for the first time in a year and will be updating the website with all of the pieces we've created and have not had a chance to put up!

Along with all of this, I will be putting older art, original, prints, and digital copies, up on etsy and on ebay just in time for Christmas shopping! I will also make our cafepress link available as soon as I update the content there, as I am unsure whether or not we will keep our cafepress store in the future.

Please keep checking our blog for more, and I will see you on the other side!

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