The Killers-Human lyrics

OK-I am in LOVE (not like, LOVE) with The Killers' new song, "Human" and have been reading the stupidest people commenting on the lyrics of the song, even to go as far as saying that the lyrics on the actual website itself (which would come directly from the band) are not the ACTUAL lyrics. Yeah, talk about being pompous!

The lyrics in question:

"Are we human, or are we dancer?"

I have read people (and even killers FANS) saying that, no, that is incorrect, it is denser. That would make allright lyrics as well, but to actually say no to the band lyrics to make it more comprehensible for yourself, imo, is only saying that you are dense. Love it when people don't understand something, they automatically make themselves believe, along with plenty of people with them, that there is something wrong with it, and not with their own frustration of it. I like what my husband said about this: "If it's not handed to them on a silver platter in 5 seconds, they don't want it." So true.

So what is the meaning of it then? Doesn't he mean dancers? NO! If he meant dancers, wouldn't he have put dancers? That's what I think.

The way I understand that part of the song is this-first you need to take the word "dancer" out of context. Get rid of the image of a "dancer" (a person who dances) in your mind. Now listen to the first line: Are we human? He could have easily said, Are we humans? As individuals, but this sounds to me if he is asking what species we are. Now if he is saying human as a species, then dancer (as opposed to the individual dancers) would be used as a certain "species" as well. For me it made sense because I am of a very mixed ethnic background. Whenever someone asked me, "What are you?" I would respond, "I'm half Filipina, a quarter Japanese, and a quarter Caucasian." To me this is the same way to say the species of dancer, "I am dancer." (as in I am half dancer.)

Now what exactly he means by "dancer" when it comes to what that species is like, makes sense to me when going onto The Killers website and to see that it was inspired by a quote: "He says the lyrics were inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson about how America was raising a generation of dancers." So now that you've got "dancer" in the correct context, you may now truly interpret the song.

It was just making me mad to see how many people are so stubborn about this song not making sense. People really are DENSE-R!!!

<3 Naomi

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