Living Dead Doll Art Show Pics finally up!

You've all seen the Living Dead Dolls, right? Well, they had their first Living Dead Doll Art Show in New York opening date was, of course, Halloween night. Different artists, some fairly famous artist: "Michael Dougherty, artist and screen writer on Superman Returns and X Men 2; comic book legend Simon Bisley; gothic artist and musician Voltaire; toy development power house Inu Art Studios; Oblongs TV show creator and artist Angus Oblong; famous Japanese designer Hiddy; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle writer, creator and artist Kevin Eastman and many more." as well as many unknown/emerging artists (i.e. ME!)

They have finally posted all of the dolls on their website, which you can see (and buy if you choose to own a one of a kind doll) by clicking this link: http://www.lddartshow.com/artists.asp

Here is the doll that I made, The Weeping Woman, based on the story of La Llorona. If you don't know the story, there are different versions of it---google "La Llorona" and you'll find a bunch. VERY interesting story. Very closely related to the Banshee.

Comments would be very appreciated!

<3 Naomi

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