Italian Sunday: Homemade Ravioli

So for a while now, we've done Italian Sundays where we start cooking a sauce from scratch early in the day. That coupled with our Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire shows, quite a nice Sunday tradition indeed! Well, with the seasons over for the time being, we are continuing our food tradition and decided to up our game yesterday by making ravioli from scratch as well. Came out really tasty! It was a LOT of work though, and next time we'll be starting earlier. My hands and arms are nice and sore today! You can find the recipe HERE.

Carlos rolling out that dough!

Our cute uncooked raviolis! We used a mason jar for the shape.

The end result! AW YEAH!

And Carlos's parents brought some garlic bread. yum!!

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Tom Harvey B.S. MPT said...

Sent some of that my way :)..