Speak of the Devil at 423 West Gallery

"Mole in my Eye" My painting using the lovely Alfie Numeric as my muse.

Our friend, Ian Fleming from the band Ritual stopped by!

Me and 2 of the kiddos :)

Very cool live painting outside

My gallery ninja/pirate child

CJ's favorite piece of the night!

Definitely one of my favorite pieces!

This one probably inspired me the most.

It was a great night and a fun show! Everyone at the show was very cool. We even had a couple of zombies show up (which CJ took his gun and shot at when they weren't looking hehe). My painting is the one at the top, called "Mole in my Eye." I based this painting on the superstition my grandmother taught me. She is from the Philippines and has lots of them, but this one in particular always stuck with me. She told me that if you have a mole on your eye, you are able to see ghosts and the spirit world. Have had my own paranormal experiences since I was a kid, and still do now, I always tried to see if I had a mole in my own eye, but I haven't found one. My muse is the lovely and talented Alfie Numeric. She is super cool and totally relates to my story. The piece is up for sale at 423 West Gallery for $350 if anyone wants some art based on Filipino superstition!

To see the whole photo set, click HERE.

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Tom Harvey B.S. MPT said...

Love your painting. And the "CJ's favorite piece of the night!" is awesome. I need one of those in my house. :)