My First Vector Papel Picado Design!

Created fully in Illustrator. I'm probably going to make a million of these now! I really LOVE the way this turned out! Love the fact that I can have this design in any color I want. What do you think?


ziggy stardust said...

wow! how will you transfer it to paper and cut it? I need to make something like this for a bridal shower but I was just going to free hand it, it never occurred to me to design it in AI and print it. it sounds like an easier way to go!

Beenznrice Illustration and Graphic Design said...

actually, these are for a company that prints wall skins: http://www.pistudioprint.com/products-page/designer-geek-prints/

but i imagine you could take this method, print it out in gray scale or outline on colored paper, and then just go from there. but if you COULD free hand the design, that's impressive!

if you end up doing it, please send a pic, i'd love to see how it turned out!