I found a sanctuary just walking minutes away from my desk job!

So I am a freelance graphic designer for a company that has very gray cubicles and walls. I thought there was nothing but industrial buildings and landscaping all around until I realized how close the Camarillo Adolfo Ranch House was one day while walking with some coworkers. Today I speedwalked to the place after I ate and was just amazed at the beauty and serenity of it. Here is what I drew in the 20 minutes I spent there. I think I am going to start taking hour lunches again and spend majority of my time there, drawing. There are trees, flowers, the Queen Anne style house itself; there is even a Virgin de Guadalupe statue. Oh and a big red barn. Looks like my blog is going to be extra busy with sketches!


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Sacred Snatch said...

Very VERY nice! I wish I could draw!