Brandon Flowers Portrait

Newest Illustration from Naomi! If you don't know who it is, it's Brandon Flowers of the Killers. And if you don't know who they are, you had better check them out! Comments are appreciated!


Taylor Made Web Designs said...

Hi Naomi! Thought I'd check out some more of your art. You and your husband are amazingly talented. I can't stop staring at the graphic you did for me!

You hit it dead on, no revisions needed. I've had so much trouble with graphic "artists" that I've hired. All 3 "artists" didn't come close to what I wanted and when I asked for a revision I never heard back from them and they just walked away with my money. So, a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders finding someone as talented and professional as you.

BTW, I love the Killers. I knew exactly who it was when I first saw it.

So looking forward to continue working with you!

If anyone is looking for an artist I'll definately send them your way.


Beenznrice Art said...

Hi Taylor!

Sorry I hadn't checked out my blog in a while---thanks so much for the comment! OMG I LOVE Brandon. He and Johnny Depp are my only celebrity crushes. And yes, I do a lot of my work to Sam's Town playing. I hope you have had the chance to see them live. It is UNBELIEVABLE. A true musical experience.

I'm really glad that you're happy with my work, I really have been having a ball with it.

<3 Naomi